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Indie Authors Take it to the Readers

As a new author, my dream was no different than many others. I envisioned sending my polished manuscript out into the world, having an agent fall madly in love with it, and he/she would rush my masterpiece to publishers--who also loved it--and would fight for the privilege of representing it. What I learned was that if a story doesn't slip easily into the slot on the booksellers' shelf, that dream is over. There are gatekeepers, you see, holding the keys of traditional publishing, deciding what readers want to read.


"Strong writing and great characters, but I wouldn't know how to market it," I was told. "I love your voice but Elves just aren't sexy." "Fantastic world building but you can't set a series in Toronto and expect to sell books." The complimentary refusals rolled in, joined every now and then by offers to revise and resubmit. Now, usually an R&R is something authors celebrate but it struck me somewhat differently. Regardless of writing quality, plot, structure, characters, etc, my novels were being denied because of genre confusion or because there wasn't a current feeding frenzy for what I was offering. But on Amazon, there were comparable books selling and selling well.

Let the Readers Decide!

As a red-headed, Taurus with a Scottish/Irish background, I cornered the market on headstrong. Whether it's Elves, Fallen Angels, Women Pirates, or Roman Praetorian,  I'll write the stories as they come to me and let the readers decide whether there's a market for them. Amazon, and other book distributors, have opened up the world of Indie Authors so we can bypass the gatekeepers and write out of the box.

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Teresa says June 2, 2018

Loved the first. Watchers. Couldn’t put it down and that hasn’t happened for while. I would have used a glossary as I did read several things I wish were better explained without being in the story line. Like: who is Lady Divinty.

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