I say my stories are Happily Ever Afters without the Sappily Ever Afters.
If you enjoy fast-paced, plot-driven romances, I'm glad you found me.


Author Bio: JL Madore in a nutshell...

I was a storyteller long before I was an author. I was a clown long before that. In high-school, I was the one the teachers kept after class for chatting. In the working world, I never seemed to fit the mold of a disciplined 9 to 5'er. It was only after I pulled up stakes and moved my family to a rainforest property in Panama, that I sat still long enough to listen to my muse. That was when I first heard the voices. That was when I realized my life had changed course forever. 

Now, I fill my days with sex and betrayal, murder and laughter. I make up worlds and tough, determined characters to populate them. It's a dream job and I am thankful each and every day that this is my life. 


Here's what I'm working on!


Scourge Survivor Series: As a soulless horde works to reinstate the malicious queen, members of the Realm of the Fair and the Human Realm must band together to battle for survival and bear the dangers of their strange and fantastic worlds. 



Watchers of the Gray Series: In the shadowed streets of Toronto, there exists a garrison of soldiers like no other--nine immortal warriors, half-Archangel, half-human, living unknown among the city, defending humanity from the Daemons of Hell



In The Shadow Series: What would you do if you suddenly found yourself thrown back in time? The year is 79 AD. The place is ancient Pompeii. The world is misogynistic, corrupt, and volatile and you have peaked the interest of some truly dangerous men.



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