Action-Based Novels - Romance and Not - with
Delicious Alpha Heroes and Kick-ass Heroines

The Watchers of the Gray Series - A Complete,

8-Book Dark Angel Paranormal Romance Series

1. Watcher Untethered

2. Watcher Redeemed

3. Watcher Reborn

4. Watcher Divided

5. Watcher United

6. Watcher Compelled

7. Watcher Unfeigned

8. Watcher Exposed

The Scourge Survivor Series - A complete, 5-Book

+ bonus novella, Urban Fantasy Romance Series

1. Blaze Ignites

2. Ursa Unearthed

3. Torrent of Tears

4. Blind Spirit

5. Fate's Journey

6. Savage Love

Misty's Magick & Mayhem Series - A complete, 

6-Book Urban Fantasy Action/Adventure Series

1. School for Reluctant Witches

2. School for Saucy Sorceresses

3. School for Unwitting Wiccans

4. Nine Saint Gillian Street

5. Ghost of Pirate's Alley

6. Jinxing Jackson Square

Exemplar Hall - An ongoing Urban Fantasy Magic Academy Series currently finishing book 3 

0. Death of a Magi Knight - prequel novella

1. Drafted by the Magi

2. Jesse and the Magi Vault

3. The Makings of a Magi Knight

Aliens of Atlantis Series - An ongoing Sci-fi Romance Series currently finishing book 4 

1. Taryn's Tiderider

2. Kai's Captive

3. Alyandra's Shadow

4. Brynn's Bride

In the Shadow - Single title - Time Travel Romance 

1. In the Shadow of Vesuvius 

Love This Book!
Reminds me of the black dagger series. Just as intense with memorable characters. Can not wait for the next book. 

Amazon customer

Five Stars! Shocking!!!
I got this book not realizing how deep, funny, and absorbing this story was. I am hooked!

Amazon customer, DragonWolf

Misty's Magick! 
It is hard to believe that you have never lived in the swamps of LA. You have absolutely captured the magick of New Orleans. I do enjoy your books.

Amazon Kindle customer

Sweet baby Jesus in a manger! 
I've shoved this book in everyone's face who will listen. Quintus and Danika are freaking INCREDIBLE and this storyline is absolutely addicting. You. Need. This. Book. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Amazon customer, Jenn W

Ten Stars! 
The storytelling is absolutely fantastic. Loved the characters. Kept me hooked until the last page. Can't wait to read Danel's story. Continue blessings and success my friend.

Amazon Kindle customer

Five Stars! Fabulous Fantasy Series
I just love J.L.'s fantasy world! Great characters, lots of action, unique creatures, romance...it's a perfect blend.

Amazon customer, CJ Burright

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I am a full-time author of all things fantasy fiction. Not one for swooning heroines or arrogant men, my stories blend strong, clever women and tough, sexy men in a fast-paced, volatile cocktail of action, seduction and wicked humor. I hope you love them,.

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